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Metal Sun the Massively Multiplayer Reality Organization (MMRO)


This wiki has been created to document features of several different MMOG's that MetalSun guild members may be involved in playing.


The following explaination of the guild/clan name is reposted here from the Stellar Dawn Official Forum recruitment thread.


In Space Chemistry 101 all of the elements that are heavier than Helium are considered to be metals. In the origination or birth of Universe Hydrogen and Helium were created and perhaps a little Lithium, these are the original building blocks for everything that comes after. In the aftermath of the great energetic expansion, inconsistencies formed within the void, and new matter coalesced into clumps; and these clumps formed into clouds of matter from which the galaxies were born. A myriad stars sprang into life, the great forges of stuff and alchemy, heavier elements began to be produced. It has taken great Epocs of time for the alchemy of Universe to produce the stuff of rocky core worlds, and the stuff of the life that occasionally clings to such worlds. So now we find ourselves here and the phenomena of mind allows us to observe and to judge and to know that we exist. We are all Metal Men or Women; and we live on Metal Worlds. We are made of that stuff forged within the hearts of stars; we belong to Universe and it belongs to us. Every small part thereof existing in relationship to the whole, and every part holds it's own significance. The Underlying Unity of All Things is the most fundamental Truth of Creation; and this Universe would be incomplete if any portion thereof could be removed from it. 

The Earth's sun is named Sol, and Sol is a 2nd generation star. Our sun includes some heavier elements like oxygen and carbon in its makeup, this is part of the reason it appears yellow. Therefor our home sun is a Metal Sun, and we are native Solarians - another name for Earth would be Sol-3. The symbol for Sol is usually denoted as an open circle with a dot in the very center.




Metal Sun News:  I retired from OldSchool RuneScape in order to spend more time on some of my other games. Many of our clan members reformed a new Metal Sun clan without me which is fine. I have published several gameplay videos on my youtube channel - MrToken63. Currently I'm beta testing Starbound and have beta tested Elder Scrolls Online, I suspect that there will be additional beta tests for ESO which has announced an April release next year. I'm not planning to buy and play ESO however since I see the game as mostly geared towards PVP'ers and aside from the Lore it barely resembles the other Elder Scrolls Games.


Follow this link to read more about Starbound.


I can be reached via Skype with the handle 'kenneth.r.hopper' of Wentzville, Missouri.


I can allow other people to create content on this site but it must be on the topic of GAMES and how people play them.



Here is a link to my Blog at Blogspot.com

I have another pbwiki page here which is just a page of quotes.


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